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KPMG Sponsored Degree Programme in Accounting and Finance at the U

KPMG School Leavers’ Programme at the
University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham is one of just three universities offering the KPMG School Leavers’ Programme. Delivered alongside the existing BSc Accounting and Finance degree within the Department of Accounting and Finance at the Birmingham Business School, it is a six-year programme that offers students the ability to secure a degree, a job with a leading employer, plus a professional qualification without incurring any debt arising from tuition fees.

Students will not only gain a globally recognised and respected degree in accountancy; but also get significant workplace experience and full accreditation by ICAS so they can achieve Chartered Accountant status two years after graduating. They will also have the chance to combine academic studies with the opportunity to immediately apply their learning and reflect on their experiences in a professional environment with a world-leading organisation.

Learn more about the programme at: www.birmingham.ac.uk/undergraduate/courses/business/kpmg-school-leavers-programme-accounting-finance.aspx


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