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Are you looking for University Options in Europe? Bard College is a Liberal Arts College in Berlin


Are your students looking for college options in Europe? Consider Bard College Berlin

Greetings from Bard College Berlin!
As you help your students make their final choices for college applications, I would like to share some information on B.A. and yearlong programs at Bard College Berlin.B.A. Degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences
From Fall 2014, Bard College Berlin will be offering two Bachelor of Arts programs in:
Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought
Economics, Politics, and Social Thought
The four-year degree programs share a core curriculum that incorporates philosophy, art history, literature, langauge, political theory, and more. All courses are taught in English – though instruction in German and other languages is available. In the final two years of the degree, students take advanced electives and complete a B.A. thesis in their chosen area of specialization. Options for specialization include Art and Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics, Literature and Rhetoric, or Economics. Students may also complete and earn academic credit for an internship.

Academy Year: A Gap Year Alternative 

The Academy Year is a college immersion program for students with a serious interest in fundamental questions concerning philosophy, ethics, politics, and the arts. Many students choose the A.Y. program as a focused, academic gap year after high school. It’s an ideal option for students who want to live in Berlin, experience a college atmosphere, and take university-level courses in different subject areas before continuing to a degree program.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
All applicants to the B.A. and A.Y. programs are eligible to apply for financial aid and scholarships. Award amounts range from small scholarships to full tuition waivers. Visit the scholarships section of our website for details on specific scholarships for international students.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Stephanie Hausotter
+49 30 43733 121


Quick Access

B.A. Programs
Academy Year
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Tuition and Fees

Admissions Deadlines

Regular Admission: January 15
Late Admission: March 15
Apply online

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Bard College Berlin
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13156 Berlin

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