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IE University


June 30-July 4, 2014                        Segovia, Spain

IE University would like to offer high school students a unique experience of taking part in the Social Entrepreneurship Summer School. If you see opportunities where others only see empty buildings, unemployable people and unvalued resources, this is the event for you.

During the camp, you will be working alongside other students from around the world on creating a social entrepreneurship project using The Design Thinking Methodology, an idea generating methodology, a protocol for solving problems and discovering new opportunities. By implementing the Design Thinking Process, you will be forced to think out-of-the-box every step of the way, to use your imagination, to come up with innovative solutions, to overcome challenges and to seek opportunities.

Some product examples which have been created with this methodology include Apple Computer´s iPod, iPAd and iPhone or Herman Miller´s Aeron chair. Social Entrepreneurs use the design thinking methodology to help them think out of the box about social and global issues. Using this methodology, you will develop within a Global Action Team a grass-root social entrepreneurship project, centered on different topics, such as culture, ecology, sports, social justice and other. Interact with other students and social entrepreneurs who share your concern about our society’s most pressing problems and put an innovative battle plan into action.

The conference will be hosted in IE Universities’ beautiful historic campus in Segovia, Spain. Housed in a 15th century convent, this perfect setting will inspire you in your quest for new ideas to achieve social change. You’ll also be able to explore the surrounding areas, and enjoy and absorb all the history and culture that Spain has to offer.

The program combines interactive and motivational lectures by renowned social entrepreneurs with hands-on Global Action Teams sessions. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in cultural, social, and outdoor activities that will allow you to get to know your fellow participants better and learn from their experiences.

We believe you can make a difference in the world, strive for change through social entrepreneurship and start now!

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