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Oxfordshire Science Festival – 7th – 23rd March: Lots of interesting events and activities to get involved in


7th – 23rd March 2014

The festival offers events for young children right through to adults. They are rapidly growing and attracted more than 30000 participants last year.

There are events for professional scientists and people with an interest in science, however most events are aimed at regular people who just want to have fun and perhaps explore a topic that is important to them such as climate change, inheritance, music and sport.

You can see a list of all the events here

Some of the ones we think look really interesting are:

Saturday 15 March

Crystals: Patterns from Atoms!

Run by: Oxford University
Venue: Museum of the History of Science
Target Audience: Families, Everyone
Topic: Varied
Cost: FREE
Booking: Not Required

Solving the Energy Crisis: From Crystal structures to Solar Fuels

Run by: University of Oxford, Department of Chemistry
Venue: Museum of History of Science
Target Audience: Everyone
Topic: Latest research and today\’s technology
Cost: FREE
Booking: Not Required

Sunday 16 March

Capybara Construction

Run by: Museum of Natural History
Venue: Museum of Natural History
Target Audience: Everyone
Topic: Environment and Nature
Cost: FREE
Booking: Not Required

Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 March

Bonn University Particle Physics Show

Run by: Oxford Physics
Venue: Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
Target Audience: Adults
Topic: Physics
Cost: FREE
Booking: Required

Thursday 20 March

SciBar: Why haven’t we cured cancer?

Run by: Oxfordshire Branch British Science Association
Venue: Port Mahon
Target Audience: Everyone
Topic: Medicine, Health and the Body
Cost: FREE
Booking: Not Required


With events happening every day the above is just a small selection go to their website for all the details and don’t miss out on these great opportunities on our doorstep.


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