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Summer Camp in Switzerland with Les Elfes International


Les Elfes International Summer Camps in Verbier, Switzerland


From beginning of June until the end of August, Les Elfes offers several summer camp sessions, usually from 2 to 4 weeks long.

Les Elfes ensures active participation, a very broad choice of exciting activities and a high degree of learning in a fun and very international environment, all by guaranteeing maximum safety through our caring & experienced staff.


A great opportunity to socialize and make many friends from around the globe. Pioneers are our most experienced campers and serve as role models. They receive certain privileges, such as a green card in order to go to the village without a monitor during free time. Activities become more challenging.

Career Orientation training
Pioneers can complete a one day initiation on career orientation with experts. Based on an interactive method, the students will discover their talents, interests and management styles and how to apply these elements in their professional orientation. Each student receives a motivation profile and his personal talent definition.

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