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New BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics Degree at LSE from September 2015


The LSE is introducing a 4 year BSc philosophy, politics and economics degree from September 2015. This 4 year program will be asking applications for 38 points including 766 at Higher Level with 7 in Mathematics. The course page describes the first year content as:

You will take either Quantitative Methods (Maths)*, which is a basic course in Mathematics for students who have at least an AS-level in Mathematics or equivalent and are able to use basic calculus, jointly with Quantitative Methods (Statistics)*, which develops the elementary statistical tools necessary for further study in management and economics with an emphasis on the applicability of these methods; or you will take Mathematical Methods, an introductory level course for those who wish to use mathematics extensively in social science. You will also have a choice of either Introduction to Political Science, which offers an introduction to politics in a globalised world, with a focus on how political science tries to understand and explain cross-country and cross-time differences, or Introduction to Political Theory, which combines classical theory with modern ways of explaining and understanding international relations. Reason, Knowledge and Values: An Introduction to Philosophy aims to acquaint students with some of the central questions of philosophy and to engage students in critical analysis of classic answers to these questions; this course also includes a supplementary five week Philosophy and Argumentative Writing seminar. Economics B is an introductory course in microeconomics and macroeconomics.” taken from

To see the full course details click here.


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