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New University Ranking website for universities around the globe – U-Multirank – enables you to search for institutions that match your critera


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U-Multirank is a new multi-dimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. The dimensions it includes are teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. Based on empirical data U-Multirank compares institutions with similar institutional profiles and allows you  to create your own personalised rankings by selecting performance measures/indicators that are important to you.  These can then be viewed on screen or downloaded as a pdf document.

The first ranking – 2014 – covers more than 850 higher education institutions, 1,000 faculties and 5,000 study programmes from 74 countries around the world. It provides an institutional ranking of whole institutions as well as field-based rankings for electrical and mechanical engineering, business studies and physics. After 2014 the coverage of institutions and fields will be extended, so whilst it will not include all the institutions you could consider particularly in the fields it has already produced data for it allows you to compare across countries in a way that has not previously been easy to do.

U-Multirank is based on a methodology that reflects both the diversity of higher education institutions and the variety of dimensions of university excellence in an international context. The data included in U-Multirank are drawn from a number of sources, providing users with a comprehensive set of information:  information supplied by institutions; data from international bibliometric and patent data bases; and surveys of more than 60,000 students at participating universities – one of the largest samples in the world and offering students a unique peer perspective.

U-Multirank is prepared with seed funding from the European Union and led by a consortium headed by Professor Dr. Frans van Vught of the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in the Netherlands and Professor Dr. Frank Ziegele of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) in Germany. Other partner organisations include the Centre for Science and Technology Studies from Leiden University (CWTS), Catholic University Leuven, academic publishers Elsevier, the Bertelsmann Foundation, Push and software firm Folge 3. The consortium also works closely with a range of national ranking partners and stakeholder organisations.

Click here to enter the U-multirank site and try it for yourself.


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