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LinkedIn’s new University Research Resources


LinkedIn Univeristy research centre

LinkedIn have launched a range of university research resources.


For the UK, Canada and the USA they have created a new style of raking never never done before:  Rankings and information based on the actual degrees and careers of their huge database of professionals.  Employment data in traditional rankings only looks at a ‘snapshot’ of data; typically 6 months after students graduate.  LinkedIn have used their database to identify the Universities who have the most alumni in the top companies within a large range of different sectors.

University Finder

If you know the career that you want you can use their University finder to identify the universities that send the most alumni into that field. The settings on this allow you to identify which country you want to be living in to help narrow down the choices.

Field of Study Explorer

This allows you to explore by the subject area you are interested in studying, providing information about both the universities that are most popular for studying this subject and the companies people went on to work in.  If you are interested in a subject at a specific institution you can filter to show only the companies graduates from that university went on to.

Then record it all on your decision board

The Decision Board functions allows you to keep your ideas and research in one place where you can easily come back and look at it again without having to search for information again.

Click here to to the LinkedIn Higher Education Resources Home Page


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