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Spotlight on….Biomaterials Engineering at Loughborough University



Spotlight on… Biomaterials Engineering

We asked Dr Simon Hogg, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials to tell us more about what Biomaterials involves:

From 2015 Loughborough will be offering an exciting new course in Biomaterials Engineering.

This important and growing area of materials science focuses on those materials that are bio-compatible and/or bio-derived which are often used in medicine to perform, augment, or replace a natural function such as a heart valve or hip implant.

What makes Loughborough’s Biomaterials Engineering course so special?

This new course builds on our strengths in Materials; Loughborough University was ranked 2nd for Materials Technology in The Guardian University Guide 2014. Our students also gain membership to the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a recognised route towards Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

Some exciting projects we have been working on include:

  • Improved materials selection in designing medical devices
  • Medical packaging design
  • Investigating new biodegradable / compostable food packaging materials
  • Assessing the claims and properties of “environmentally friendly” materials

What careers will graduates from this course go on to?

Biomaterials graduates have a range of career options given that biomaterials has an application in the health, sport and lifestyle sectors, as well as in regenerative medicine. In the context of a world-wide ageing population, biomaterials and medical device technology are developing fields that are set to continue to grow for many years.

Find out more about the course, including how it is taught, and what it covers.


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