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Deadline for Applications to McGill University, Canada – January 15th and some useful links if you are considering applying there in the future

McGill University Logo

Reminder – Application Deadline for McGill University

January 15th

The application portal is found at mcgill.ca/applying/how .

If you are interested in applying to McGill university there is a New interactive question/answer system, where you can get answers to a wide variety of McGill-related questions at mcgill.ca

Answers to prospective students’ frequently asked questions or to book a tour, can all be found on the McGill in Mind website at https://mcgillinmind.mcgill.ca/mcgill/index.do

Admission requirements (in terms of prerequisite subject requirements) and other information is found at mcgill.ca/applying/admissionsguide/2015-16

Admission standards for previous years are listed on the website and can be found at mcgill.ca/applying/admissionsguide/standards

Information regarding providing proof of English proficiency is at mcgill.ca/applying/admissionsguide/englishlanguageprof .

Please note that there is an update to IELTS this year with an additional requirement for individual component scores of 6.0 and better.  Additionally, results are now expected to be received electronically, directly from the appropriate IELTS organization.

The application deadline for students studying outside Canada is January 15.
This is an application-only deadline.  The deadline to receive supporting documents is later (March 15), but students will want to upload their documents as soon as they are available as a program can close before the deadline date if it has reached capacity.

Supporting documents are uploaded by the student directly to their file.  More info at mcgill.ca/applying/submitting-your-documents

Students with high academic achievement and leadership qualities may be interested in submitting an application for a major scholarship. Students requiring some additional financial assistance can apply for the Entrance Bursary program.
Information regarding Entrance Scholarships and Student Aid can be found at mcgill.ca/studentaid/scholarships-aid/future-undergrads

Admitted students are not mailed the letter of offer of admission; they will be able to access (and print it) via Minerva. Important information for admitted students is found at www.mcgill.ca/newstudents


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