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Human Resources & Employment

This month our spotlight turns to the sector for those wanting to help others in their work, or to help people hunt for the right job. As well as our own overview, we hear from the CIPD’s Head of Career Development about promoting HR as a profession and get some tips from the organisation New to HR.
Don’t forget to also check out our career sector summary for HR & Employment, which includes information about jobs and salaries; routes and qualifications; and funding. We also give you an idea of what it’s really like working in these sectors and link through to our career videos for this sector.

HR & Employment: an overview

Our full summary for this sector can be found here, however we have pulled out a few top facts for you to pass on to your students and clients:

  • A graduate entry HR officer can expect to earn just under £26,000 (2013-14 data, CIPD). Don’t forget that being a member of a professional body such as the CIPD always increases overall lifetime pay.
  • A successful recruiter can see even higher salaries than this, although these are often based on commission.
  • Apprenticeships are available for those wanting to get into recruitment, from the Institute of Recruiters.

Find out more about routes and qualifications and how many jobs there arein this sector. We also have a jobs board, in which jobhunters can upload their CVs and search for vacancies within the professions.

Finding security in today’s job market

Whether you’re new to the world of work or looking for a career change, standing at a crossroads, the HR department can be a golden gateway into a fulfilling career. Why?

Because the HR function, like a spider, sits at the hub of every seriously-sized company on the planet. Which department recruits the talent? HR. Who makes sure employees are coming into work? HR. Who tells the board what they should be paying, and sorts out any issues with payroll? HR. Who keeps tabs on employee performance and gets involved when communications break down? You get the picture… Read on to learn more about the benefits of working in HR, and some tips on how to get there. Thank you to New to HR for this article.


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