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Gap Year Ideas – Newsletter from Projects Abroad

News from Projects Abroad UK | Is this email a little distorted? See it clearly here
Group Trips
Shark Conservation Project in Fiji
Internship Opportunities in China
London Info Evening
Video: Mongolia Care Project
23rd January 2015

Tel: 01903 444101
Group Trips
Group Trips

For a tailor-made experience that will give you the opportunity to have a meaningful overseas adventure, look no further than our Group Trips. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and can arrange trips to specifically suit your group size, chosen dates and preferred activities. Former volunteer, Michelle Coupe had this to say about her Care & Culture Experience in Mongolia.

“We trusted our project organisers and they returned our trust with fascinating experiences, professional knowledge, and admirable skill.”

Sign up now and together you can make a positive difference in developing communities across the globe!

Shark Conservation Project in Fiji
Shark Conservation Project in Fiji

This month marks the one year anniversary of our Shark Conservation Project in Fijiand what a success it has been! 2014 saw over 230 volunteers take part, giving them the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the field and get involved in various activities such as research and diving.

They also worked together with the local community on mangrove reforestation and shark education initiatives. The progress and impact so far has been incredible and we look forward to continuing with it in 2015.

Internship Opportunities in China
Internship Opportunities in China

If you’re looking to gain real world work experience in a country that is continuously expanding and developing then our Internship Projects in China provide the perfect platform for this. Placements are in the modern cities of Chengdu and Shanghai and give volunteers the opportunity to work alongside and learn from professionals in the fields of Business, Law andJournalism. Time spent at any one of these placements is guaranteed to be both challenging and exciting and makes for a worthwhile addition to your CV.

Meet us
Meet us

Come and meet our staff and ex-volunteers at the next Info Evening in London on Tuesday 10th February.

The evening will run from 7 – 9pm. You will have the chance to find out more about the projects and destinations that we offer and ask any questions that you may have.

Video: Mongolia Care Project
Video: Mongolia Care Project

Watch a video of one of our care volunteers at her placement in Mongolia.

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