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UCAS Extra opens this week


UCAS logoExtra opens this week – make the most of it 

What does it mean?
Extra is an opportunity for  students to apply for another course if they have used all five choices and don’t hold any offers.
If all of your choices are unsuccessful or you decline all the offers you have received, you can add another choice.

How long is Extra open?

Extra opens on 25 February and students can add Extra choices up until 2 July.

Why should students use Extra?

Extra is available to anyone who has used all five choices and not accepted a place – it could be because you were unsuccessful with all five choices or you received offers but had a change of heart and decided the courses weren’t right for you. Either way, Extra is another opportunity to find a place on a course.

It is important to know that you can’t change your personal statement or reference on your UCAS application. If you decide to apply for a completely different course, it’s worth  speaking to the university first to check if they’d like a different personal statement from you. If that’s the case, they’ll ask you to send it directly to them.

How do students apply for Extra courses?

Not all universities will have places in Extra, so you need to do some research into what’s available using our search tool.
If you  select the option ‘Show courses in Extra’ from the filter, your search results will only show courses with Extra vacancies.

Once you have found a course you like, you can add it in Track by clicking on the ‘Add an Extra choice’ option on the ‘Your choices’ page.

Where can  students go to find out more? – there’s information about what Extra is and how to use it, including a video guide.


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