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BUNAC Information Sessions on Work Australia Programme – ‘Gap-py-hours’



To celebrate our limited Free Working Holiday visa for our Work Australia programme, BUNAC are hitting the road and heading to a Walkabout near you! It’s time to clear your calenders, locate your passport and head to one of our free ‘Gap-py hours’.

Walkabout Brighton – 4th May
Walkabout Birmingham – 10th May
Walkabout Liverpool –11th May
Walkabout Manchester – 16th May
Walkabout Reading – 18th May

Don’t miss out on your chance to get the low down on all our work abroad programmes as well as Aussie themed games, competitions and drinks offers. Register your interest by clicking the button below!



Join up to 50 other BUNAcers on one of our legendary group flights. You’ll make new mates before the captain has asked you to fasten your seat-belt. Following your 3 day stop off in Hong Kong you’ll be ready to kick start your Aussie adventure


Surely it’s easy to do alone? At BUNAC we’re all about connecting people. You’ll arrive in style with tons of fun activities, excursions and party nights planned. Not only that but we’ll support you with finding a job along with all the other mundane but essential life admin tasks.


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