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The New UCAS Tariff and the IB


The New UCAS Tariff and the IB

When you are looking at university entry requirements you may see something called UCAS points published as well as, or instead of A-Level or IB Grades.  This is a system where points are allocated to qualifications and universities ask students to achieve a certain number of points from the qualifications they take rather than specifying specific grades.

Before you start to worry, most universities prefer to publish IB requirements in the form of Overall Points, Higher Level Grades, Specific Subject Grades or most often a combination of 2 or more of these things.

However if you do come across a university who only publish UCAS points, the points system is changing.  Now instead of UCAS points being based on your overall IB score it will be calculated from the points you achieve in each subject. To work out the points on the new system you can use the calculator below.   IB UCAS Points


For Example if you achieved 765 HL and 654 SL as well as A in Extended Essay and B in TOK you would have 36 IB points but would calculate your UCAS tariff points as:

HL 56+48+32 = 136

SL 24+16+12 = 52

Core 12+10 = 22

Total = 210






Image Source:

For more information about the new tariff and to view the calculator for other qualifications click here.



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