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Humanities Writing Competition from Girton College Cambridge for Year 12/IB 1 students



Humanities Writing Competition for IB1 / Year 12 Students

This competition is for Year 12 (or equivalent) students and is aimed at anyone with interests in the Humanities. It is based on five objects from the College’s small antiquities museum. Named after a Girton student, the Lawrence Room contains Anglo-Saxon finds from the College grounds, Egyptian material including the rare portrait mummy ‘Hermione’, and Mediterranean material from the Classical and pre-Classical worlds.

This competition is an opportunity for research and writing beyond the curriculum using one or more of the six objects as your focus. Essays or creative responses (such as dramatic monologues or short stories) are equally welcome. We are looking for the ability to connect different areas of knowledge, to think about details and to communicate clearly.

An online Lawrence Room catalogue is now available for use. Detailed pictures, descriptions and backgrounds of all the objects in the Lawrence Room collection are available to be browsed through, so please make use of it as an aid to your research.

2016-17 competition

The 2016-2017 competition has now opened. Please see the attached for further information about this years competition and the selected five objects.

Possible themes:

Here are examples of issues raised by the five objects, which are offered as starting points for thought from any angle you choose, with reference to any texts, periods or other contexts you are interested in.

·         What is playful and what is serious?

·         Working with resistant materials

·         What is the meaning of the things people wear?

·         Hieroglyphics and symbols

·         Animals – divinity or décor?

Deadline is Friday 17 March

For more information click here.


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