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Brandeis University Global Youth Summit on the Future of Medicine from June 25–July 1, 2017.


brandeisBrandeis University proudly convenes the annual Global Youth Summit on the Future of Medicine from June 25–July 1, 2017.

We have the opportunity to nominate up to five outstanding students from IB1 and IB 2 to represent St. Clare’s at the 2017 Summit.

Many of the world’s leading medical educators and practitioners work with Brandeis faculty to bring some of the most talented students together for this unique program. At the Summit,  students will discuss how health and medicine are rapidly evolving with leaders in the field, participate in cutting-edge simulations, and work in dynamic small teams to develop their own solutions to complex medical challenges.

As a global trailblazer in scientific research and health care policy development, Brandeis University has a phenomenal track record of placement in elite medical school and graduate research programs. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for outstanding high school students to be exposed to critically important information on the changing field of medicine, and the few alternative high school medical programs are run by for-profit companies, offering large classes with questionable academic content. Recognizing this gap, Brandeis University offers the Summit to a small group of highly qualified high school students.

The Global Youth Summit embodies the defining characteristics of a Brandeis education. Admitted students can expect an intense academic experience, meaningful interaction with faculty, and access to outstanding speakers. Last year, delegates visited top medical schools, research institutes, and hospitals and were able to interact with some of the most accomplished leaders in the field of medicine. Their keynote speakers were Dr. Elazer Edelman, Director of the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center, a pioneer in cardiac stents and Dr. John Lawrence, President of the U.S. Board of Directors of Doctors Without Borders, who spoke compellingly about healthcare as a human right. At the culminating Summit symposium, delegates offered formal presentations of proposed solutions to medical problems before a panel of experts, an event you would be more likely to find among opportunities afforded to doctoral candidates. You can see for yourself in this video of a recent Summit.

Realizing that the program cost is not within reach for all qualified students and consistent with Brandeis University’s historical commitment to access, we have set aside a small pool of Summit scholarship funds for qualified students with demonstrated financial need. We also provide a detailed fundraising guide for the Summit to ensure that no student need miss out on the advantages of participation because of their financial means. Lastly, recognizing the talent of the participants, Brandeis University has committed to offering the full cost of Summit attendance as a scholarship to Brandeis for any Summit participants who are admitted and enroll as degree-seeking undergraduates.
If you wish to be considered to be nominated and you are a St. Clare’s Student you must contact Paul Sinclair by 1 December.


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