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Kennedys will be offering their legal apprenticeship in 2017 but closing dates for application are in February



Kennedys Law are delighted to confirm we will be offering Legal Apprenticeships to start in September 2017. It is a fantastic opportunity to work, learn and earn.

Kennedys were named as a Top Apprenticeship provider in the Telegraph in 2015 (and were the only law firm to be listed). We have been offering Legal Apprenticeships since 2012, and have created a video featuring our current and previous legal apprentices’ experiences here

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We use BPP University Law School as our learning provider for the apprenticeship programme. They have over 20 years’ experience in delivering professional legal qualifications and have earned a place as one of the largest law schools in the UK. BPP also have 7 locations across the UK making it easily accessible for students, in whichever office they are based.

Key information

Starting salary:

  • £18,500 per annum in London
  • £15,750 per annum regionally
  • All training and qualification costs will be paid for.

Qualifications gained:

  • A Higher National Diploma in Legal Practice upon successful completion of the two year apprenticeship.

Future prospects:

  • There are opportunities to progress to the Solicitor Apprenticeship, which will take apprentices through to qualification as a Solicitor.
  • This is an exciting prospect, as up until 2015, the only way students could qualify as a Solicitor was via the traditional university route.

The legal apprenticeship has four key benefits:

  • Earn – Students can expect a generous starting salary.  All of their training costs are paid for, meaning the ability to gain qualifications with no debt.  Starting salaries are £18,500 in London, and £15,750 in the regional offices.
  • Learn – we will have a learning provider specialising in law to teach and mentor our apprentices.
  • Work – Apprentices will have a dedicated supervisor in one of our legal teams. We encourage our apprentices to take on responsibilities quickly, and they will be involved in legal work from their first week (they will not be limited to the photocopier!)
  •  Play – our Apprentices enjoy a great social life too, with many social and sporting events taking place after work. Our apprentices also get on very well as a group, and have even been on holidays together.

How to apply:

The closing date to apply is 28 February 2017. To apply, please click on the appropriate office below:









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