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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

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Interesting Blogs and E-Magazines

  • Oxford Science Blog – The latest science news and views from the University of Oxford.
  • Nature – International weekly journal of science
  • Science Blogs – A collection of blogs organised in topics but all with a scientific focus includes: Life Science, Physical Science, Environment, Humanities, Education, Politics, Medicine, Brain & Behavior, Technology and Information Science.
  • Discover Magazine Blog – Science for the curious
  • Mind Hacks – Blog from Science authors Tom Stafford and Matt Web they often offer their commentary on recent journal articles and stories in science focused publications.
  • New Scientist – Print and We Magazine, you will need to subscribe for full access.



  • The Free Radical – blog by the under members of the Royal Society for Chemistry
  • Chemistry World – Print and e-magazine from the Royal Society of Chemistry


  • Life and Physics – Now hosted by the Guardian this is Jon Butterworth’s interesting and insightful blog on the scientific world and new stories.
  • Not Even Wrong – Physics concepts discussed in an insightful way from a mathematical point of view.
  • Physics World – Magazine from the Institute of Physics


  • The Aperiodical – A blog for people who know they like Maths and want to know more
  • – A site which collects feeds from Maths blogs all over the world
  • Significance Articles – The Maths Magazine from the Royal Institute of Statistics and the American Statistical Association
  • Gower’s Blog – Written by British Mathematician Timothy Gowers with interesting articles as well as a list of inspiring blogs and useful websites.
  • Ars Mathematica – dedicated to the art of maths covers the simple to the complex.
  • Plus Magazine – Plus provides articles and podcasts on any aspect of mathematics, covering topics as diverse as art, medicine, cosmology and sport, a news section, showing how recent news stories were often based on some underlying piece of maths that never made it to the newspapers, reviews of popular maths books, and puzzles for you to sharpen your wits.

Computer Science


  • The Engineer – E-Magazine focusing on innovation within engineering
  • E&T – E-Magazine from the Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog – The Curious Cat Science and Engineering blog explores: innovation, technology, research, education, economics, gadgets, health care and scientific inquiry.
  • Think Words Engineering – This blog site is focused on new hi-technologies applied to any sectors which are involved in all aspects of manufacturing, engineering and research.
  • Engineering Ethics  – Comments on current events and news stories from an engineering ethics point of view.
  • Blog  – The online community of, there is a wide range of blog topics all focused on engineering.
  • Eureka Design Engineering Blog Collection – Opinions and viewpoints from across the industrial spectrum, raising key issues of relevance to the engineering design community.

Twitter Suggestions

  • @newscientist – If someone in the world has a good idea, you’ll read about it here.
  • @ChemistryWorld – Chemistry magazine bringing you the latest chemistry news and research every day. Published by the RSC.
  • @cs4fn – Computer Science 4 Fun run by the team at Queen Mary, University of London.
  • @bcsacademy – The British Computing Society
  • @topscienceblogs – Roundup of the latest science news through the use of Digg and Reddit
  • @sciam – Scientific American the twitter feed of the 165 year old science news publication from America
  • @TEDTalks – Twitter feed of TED Talks
  • @ENGINEERINGcom– Twitter feed of the international engineering online magazine and community
  • @TheEngineerUK – Technology & innovation publication & website for engineers: aerospace, automotive, chemical, electrical, electronics & more



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