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Interesting Blogs and Magazines

  • Impact of Social Sciences – blog from LSE
  • Understanding Social Science – This blog tries to make Social Science easy to understand for everyone. Understanding Social Science contains information and pedagogical materials on social polarisation, labour markets, economic restructuring in Europe from a urban perspective, housing policies, social cohesion, governance and diversity and environmental politics in cities.
  • The Society Pages – Social Sciences Hub with Blogs, News and and book reviews.


  • UCLHistory – the latest news, views and events from UCL’s History Department
  • History Extra – The blogs and official website of the BBC History Magazine
  • A Blog about History – This site features news articles and links to interesting anthropology, archaeology, geology, paleontology and other general history-related items from around the world.
  • History Matters – The blog of the History department at the University of Sheffield
  • History Today  – The UK’s oldest and most respected history magazine. Includes  news, commentary and reflections on the world of history.
  • History Now – History Now is an online journal of American history featuring essays, reviews, and online exhibitions from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • European Studies blog from the British Library – Discover the British Library’s extensive collections from continental Europe and read news and views on European culture and affairs from our subject experts and occasional guest contributors.

Politics and International Relations

  • –  a collaboration between the members of the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, and the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at the University of Cambridge. Aiming to bring academic analysis to broader discussions about politics.
  • Politics First – a non-partisan, bi-monthly magazine  providing coverage and analysis of the pressing political issues in Britain and the wider world. With contributors and columnists spanning the higher echelons of government, business, governance, media, law and academia. The magazine’s editorial is strengthened by its coverage of subjects and views rarely found in the British media
  • Debating Development – a conversational blog from researchers at the University of Oxford Department for International Development.
  • EUSpeak.EU – The European Politics blog written by students of European Politics and International Relations expressing views on contemporary issues in Europe.
  • E-International Relations – E-International Relations is” the world’s leading website” for students and scholars of international politics, with daily publications of unique content.
  • – An impartial political website with no political affiliation, which prides itself on standing out as an independent voice in a landscape where the norm is to nail your colours to the mast
  • Chatham House – Chatham House, home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.
  • World Affairs – Read essays on U.S. foreign policy from World Affairs Journal and blogs by widely acclaimed commentators.
  • Council on Foreign Relations – An independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher with contributors from across the globe but its primary base is in the USA.
  • LSE Politics and Policy Blog – Experts analyse and debate recent developments across UK government.
  • LSE European Politics and Policy Blog – Multi-disciplinary blog covering all aspects of European governance, economics, politics, culture and society.
  • The Spectator – The oldest Magazine published in English, you will need to subscribe for full access.  Covers Politics, Current Affairs, Economics, Books and the Arts with its own brand of wit.
  • The Observer 100: 100 political books as recommended by the Observer.

Law – see a great list of blogs at

  • Halsbury’s Law Exchange– Legal think tank chaired by Joshua Rozenberg, its tagline is that it ‘seeks to capture and distil the legal issues of the day’. Featuring information about its research projects and policy papers, the site also has a useful ‘Law behind the headlines’ section where it seeks to probe a daily news story and focus in on the law involved.
  • The Lawyer Portal Podcast – a regular free podcast consisting of interviews with legal professionals
  • The Guardian Legal Network – The Guardian Legal Network brings together the best blogs and sites that cover legalaffairs and developments from around the world.
  • Law Actually – Michael is an LLB and LLM graduate and blogs on issues that will be really engaging to all you current law students out there. Law Actually features short, punchy and entertaining posts around recent cases with some reflection on life in general.
  • Lawyer Watch – Richard Moorhead, Professor of Law at Cardiff University writes this blog for law students. Posts are detailed and offer a useful critique of key legal issues.
  • The Wall Street Journal Law Blog – The Wall Street Journal Law Blog covers law and business in the modern world focused on the USA. WSJ’s Law Blog often contains articles about large corporations and their legal issues in addition to covering the Supreme Court and trends in the law.
  • European Law Blog – News and comments on EU Law
  • The Lawyer – E-Magazine Jobs, News, Briefings, Training and Industry Insight.
  • New Law Journal – E-Magazine focused on debate, litigation and dispute resolution.  You will need to subscribe for full access.
  • The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society News Pages – Synopsis of their conferences and workshops as well as comentary on current academic dbate in the field of Law.


  • Psyblog – This award-winning website is about scientific research into how the mind works. The studies coverd have been published in reputable academic journals in many different areas of psychology.
  • MindHacks –  links to psychological stories from all around the web with commentary from authors Tom Stafford and Matt Webb.
  • ChannelN – Brain and Behaviour videos
  • BPS Research Digest – The research focused blog of the British Psychological Society
  • NeuroPhilosophy – The blog of developmental neurobiologist Mo Costandi, hosted by the Guardian
  • The Situationist – A forum for debate for social scientists from a range of disciplines on the impact of ‘situation’ on behaviours
  • Psychology today – Blog index. A list of Blogs and posts from a range of contributors to the Psychology Today Magazine.


  • Citings & Sightings – Scanning the journals and tracking the media for the best in cutting edge social science, served up in a concise, snappy style. Edited by students in the undergraduate and graduate sociology programs at the University of Minnesota.
  • Office Hours – Conversations with top social scientists about their research and the social world.
  • The Sociological Imagination – Blog of 3 sociology Ph.D. students at 3 different universities.


  • Anthropology Blog Newspaper – an overview of a large number of anthropology focused and related blogs, updated every 3 hours.
  • Anthropology Now – E-Magazine wiht more in their subscription only print magazine focused on Anthropology.
  • Savage Minds – A collective web log devoted to both bringing anthropology to a wider audience as well as providing an online forum for discussing the latest developments in the field. They are a group of Ph.D. students and professors teaching and studying anthropology.
  • Anthropology – The best and most recent updates from Anthropology Blogs, anthropology journals, books, and fresh news from anthropologists
  • John – Anthropology focused and interesting to read.
  • Anthropology – While centered on cultural anthropology, CIGA’s mission, and that of this blog, encompasses all four fields of anthropology as defined in anthropology: archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology (in alphabetical order).


  • Wessex Archaeology Blogs – Their blogs feature their latest news and discoveries, as well as discussions about the diverse range of work that they undertake both in the field and “behind the scenes” at their offices and laboratories.
  • Past – Interesting articles on this blog and a list of other archaeology blogs worth reading.
  • Doug’s Archaeology – Focused on Archaeology as a profession, it also has a page of open access Archaeology Journals and a list of good Archaeology blogs.

Philosophy – a list of Philosophy blogs from across the web can be found here

  • Blog Talking Philosophy – The blog site of The Philosophers Magazine
  • Practical Ethics – Daily ethical analysis of news events from researchers in four centres based at the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford. They focus on current events with practical ethical relevance, including developments in science and technology, environmental policy, public health, and information ethics.
  • Ethics etc – A forum for discussing contemporary philosophical issues in normative ethics, metaethics, moral epistemology, moral psychology, applied ethics, social and political philosophy, law, and other related areas.
  • Certain Doubts –  a blog devoted to matters epistemic contributed to by world leaders in the field.
  • PEA Soup – PEA Soup is a blog designed to provide a forum for discussing philosophy, ethics, and academia. Its mission is to transcend geographical barriers so that moral philosophers from across the globe can converse in much the way that they would with their nearby colleagues.
  • Joseph Shaw’s Philosophy Blog – Joseph is a fellow and tutor in Philosophy and a member of the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Oxford.
  • Public Reason – A blog for political philosophers
  • Philosophy Now – a magazine of ideas. Includes free articles, podcasts, news, videos and useful links
  • The Philosophy Pages – A really useful website for all students of Philosophy with information and recommended reading
  • The Philosopher’s Eye – News and brain candy for the philosophy community


  • Theology Matters – This blog was set up by a group of pastors who enjoy spending time wrestling with deep theological questions and helping others to engage with them.
  • Political Theology Today – Political Theology is devoted to studying the intersection between religion, politics and culture.  It is an international journal with editors and board members from different parts of the world, who approach the subject from a variety of disciplines, perspectives, and faith traditions.  Their journal is published 6 times a year, this blog allows for more immediate discussions.
  • The Theology Network Blog –  Blog from The Theology Network Website: Theology Network exists to equip you with top quality theological resources- both articles and audio talks.

Twitter Suggestions

  • @LSEImpactBlog – A forum for those interested in increasing the impact of social sciences on government policy, society and business.Views are not those of the LSE.
  • @PoliticsinSpire – the twitter feed of a collaborative blog between the Departments of Politics at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.
  • @GdnLaw – Law News, Comments and analysis from the Guardian
  • @TheLaywermag – Top UK legal magazine and website with all the breaking stories plus online debate, features, blogs, analysis and legal jobs.
  • @ResearchDigest – Twitter feed from the British Psychological Societies Research Blog
  • @PsychToday – Twitter feed of the “Psychology Today” Magazine
  • @PsychNews – Psychology headlines from around the world (brought to you by SPN)
  • @DailySociology – Introducing Sociology to the general public with regular interesting posts and articles.
  • @TheSocietyPages – TSP is a social science hub edited by Doug Hartmann, @ChrisUggen,@lettapage. Features accessible articles, fun podcasts, & lively blogs.
  • @PopAnthro – Twitter feed of the biannual Popular Anthropology online magazine.
  • @anthroworks – The twitter feed of the blog about all that is new & important in anthropology and how it relates to the world. A project of the #GWU Culture in Global Affairs program.
  • @CurrentArchaeo – the twitter feed of Current Archaeology the leading UK magazine for Archaeology
  • @HistoryToday – Twitter feed of the UK history focused magazine History Today
  • @WorldHistory101 – This Day in History facts, with some other things thrown in. Politics, literature, art, science… Everything has a history!


  • LSE Public Lectures Podcasts
  • Social Science Bites – Interviews with leading Social Scientists on a range of global issues.
  • The History Faculty – Podcasts from History professors on a range of topics
  • Radio 4 Weekly Political Review – Podcasts where top political commentators reflect on the week’s political events in discussion with MPs, Peers and others.
  • The Westminster Hour – The big political stories with lively discussion and expert comment and analysis. Presenter Carolyn Quinn is joined by politicians and journalists every Sunday night at 10pm on BBC Radio 4 or download the podcast.
  • Practical Ethics Bites – a series of audio podcasts on practical ethics targeted specifically at pupils studying philosophy or religious studies at A level / IB in UK schools.

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