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MOOCs – Massively Open Online Courses

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MOOCs – Massively Open Online Courses


Leading Universities around the world are now offering MOOCs across a wide range of topics and in a range of languages although English is the most common.  MOOCs are free and are delivered purely via the internet enabling anyone, anywhere to access them.  Typically they are short courses lasting  from 4 to 12 weeks and only requiring a small number of hours minimum time commitment.  Participants can often access advanced or stretching content as part of the course enabling them to spend longer each week and immerse themselves more deeply in the subject if they have time to.

For students studying IB’s or A Levels they can be a great way to explore a subject area that interests them beyond the syllabus and engage with lecturers, professors and teaching assistants who run the courses.  Not only can it help students check that the area is something they want to study within their Higher Education program it can also support their application becoming content for discussion in personal statements, motivational letters, essays or interviews.

There are three large online platforms through which most universities host their MOOCs.


Click on any of the logos above to see the courses they currently have available.

We regularly feature interesting MOOCs in the careers newsletter and on the main blog page as posts.


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